Digital Combat Mercenaries




Welcome to the Digital Combat Mercenaries website. If you enjoy fighting for personal gains of money or other recompense instead of fighting for the ideological interests of a country, whether they be for or against the existing government then the Digital Combat Mercenaries is the place for you.

Here is a little taste of how we work.

***Attention freelance Mercenaries, Mercenary Groups and Private Military Companies!***

Welcome to DCS Mercenary Central. This form is designed to guide you through the steps to joining the Mercenaries and for you to decide your future within the DCS Mercenaries world.
The DCS Mercenaries are unlike any other gaming community in the form that the choices you make, and how proficient of a pilot you are actually matters.
Within the DCS mercenaries you can earn in gain money by flying and completing contracts set up by mission commanders. We will come back to this later in a bit more depth.
Lets talk about the community and your options. In the world of the DCS Mercenaries you have many different paths that you can take to earn fame...and of course a bit of cash.
First off, whatever path you choose you will always have your notoriety level within the mercenary community.
    Nugget - New member
    Mercenary - Completed 10 missions, attended basic training, and flown the "steal an aircraft mission".
    Hardened Mercenary - Completed 25 missions and acquired 100 kills.
    Notorious mercenary - Completed 50 missions and acquired 250 kills.
    Infamous Mercenary - Completed 100 missions and acquired 1,200 kills.
    Scarred Mercenary - Completed 250 missions and acquired 2,500 kills.
    Blood Mercenary - Completed 500 missions attempted advanced theft mission and acquired 6,000 kills.
    Master Mercenary - Completed 750 missions and Acquired 12,000 kills

You also have the choices below in your career within the Mercenaries

****Freelancer**** - You live by your own rules, you answer to noone, your goal is one thing, and one thing only. To make money.You will generally be subcontracted out and hired by a mercenary group or PMC for a pre-negotiated fee, to fill a gap in staffing for individual missions. As a freelancer your rep is everything.
****Mercenary Group**** - Mercenaries groups come in many different shapes and sizes. Usually slightly less organized than a PMC, these groups are where loyalties lie thin. and even though you feel that you may work better together than you do apart, you are here to make money, ... until a better opportunity arises. When your group takes on a contract it up to your group leader to determine how the funds are distributed.
****PMC**** - PMC'S exist for profit, but to achieve said profit there must be order. PMC's usually incorporate a strict infrastructure, and command structure. They live by cooperation, coordination, and precision. They are the laser sharpened scalpel of the mercenary world. The same can be said for funds dispersal through a PMC.