The Fine Print

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Reverse Engineering of missions. Although it is not specifically forbidden, it is frowned upon to dissect, reverse engineer, or otherwise figure out ways to beat a mission before an official flight. I.E opening a mission to mission editor and unhiding the enemy units or exploring the trigger system to find the best overall outcome. It is not honorable nor is it ethical and it ruins the overall spirit of the Digital Combat Mercenaries intent.

If a member insists on finding ways around the intended gameplay of a mission that member may be asked to leave the DCM. If a member can find a loophole in natural gameplay it is good for you, but the mission may be changed to close the hole after the mission or before its next contract release.


***Attention freelance Mercenaries, Mercenary Groups and Private Military Companies!***

Welcome to the Digital Combat Mercenaries. This form is designed to guide you through the steps to joining the Mercenaries and for you to decide your future within the Digital Combat Mercenaries world. The DCM is unlike any other gaming community in the form that the choices you make, and how proficient of a pilot you are actually matter. Within the DCM, you can earn virtual money by flying and completing contracts set up by mission commanders. We will come back to this later. Let us talk about the community and your options. In the world of the DCM, you have many different paths that you can take to earn fame...and of course a bit of virtual cash. First off, whatever path you choose you will always have your notoriety level within the mercenary community.

Nugget - New member
Mercenary - Completed 10 missions, attended basic training, and flown a "steal an aircraft mission".
Hardened Mercenary - Completed 25 missions and acquired 100 kills.
Notorious mercenary - Completed 50 missions and acquired 250 kills.
Infamous Mercenary - Completed 100 missions and acquired 1,200 kills.
Scarred Mercenary - Completed 250 missions and acquired 2,500 kills.
Blood Mercenary - Completed 500 missions attempted advanced theft mission and acquired 6,000 kills.
Master Mercenary - Completed 750 missions and Acquired 12,000 kills

You also have the choices below in your career within the Mercenaries

****Freelancer**** - You live by your own rules, you answer to none, your goal is one thing, and one thing only. To make money. You will generally be subcontracted out and hired by a mercenary group or PMC for a pre-negotiated fee, to fill a gap in staffing for individual missions. As a freelancer your reputation is everything.

****Mercenary Group**** - Mercenaries groups come in many different shapes and sizes. Usually slightly less organized than a PMC, these groups are where loyalties lie thin. and even though you feel that you may work better together than you do apart, you are here to make money, ... until a better opportunity arises. When your group takes on a contract it up to your group leader to determine how the funds are distributed.

****Contracted Pilot to a Paramilitary Corporation (PMC)**** -Pilots have the option of being contracted to a group within the DCM. Any mission flown for the group will be utilizing group funds and equipment. The individual has the option to maintain their inventory, separate from the group.- No aircraft allowed in group hanger. May only borrow weapons/fuel from group warehouse. (one warehouse 500 storage and one Fuel tank 99,000 lb. of fuel) are available to this group stile.

2A. Creating a contract “Term of service” with a PMC group. 1. This is a contract that will dictate pay for a time period of service to a PMC group. 2. Once a contract agreement is reached it must be filed with the DCM. Or it is not a binding contract. Both the contractor and contracted party must sign the document or each sends the Contract agreement to DCM on the approved letterhead.  By adding your name/call sign to the contract and E-mailing it to the DCM. Both parties are bound by the agreement at the time the DCM receives the email. (Must be E-mailed from an on file address for that member)

2B. Base expansion is limited to how many members are in the group. For each member you have over four, you will gain the ability to expand your base by two buildings per pilot.  The base starts as a single base with one of each buildings (One Hanger, One Warehouse, and One Fuel tank). A maximum of twenty building is allowed.


When you start with the DCM you, of course, will not have any funds. Everything within the mercs can cost; or make you money. Through the mercenaries, you will have access to the black market to buy aircraft, land vehicles, and weapons. At first, since you will not have your aircraft the black market has loaner aircraft that come with a preset loadout, that you can fly for individual missions at a time.

Now let's talk about how you earn money during contracts.

If you own your aircraft you can negotiate a fee for your services with the mission commander to assure a set profit. You will usually have a higher payout than a black market pilot or contracted pilot. Bringing your weapons and equipment can allow you to ask for more pay. Don't forget your reputation will also increase or decrease the negotiated pay.

There can also be a points bonus for individual kills during a mission that you will earn whether you are in your aircraft or a black market aircraft. Black market pilots earn a lower per point bonus.

It is generally stated that unless pre-negotiation with the mission commander has taken place, and you are flying a black market aircraft there is no base mission pay will be allotted to you (The mission commander is not required to pay you). Keep in mind, this states unless negotiated.

One thing to note is that EVERYTHING is negotiable within the Digital Combat Mercenaries world. The only limit is your mind. Whatever path you choose, this world is for the taking. You can find yourself in riches or rags, it just depends on one thing.... how good are you?

There are no rules but the Fine Print.

Storage rules

Hanger, Warehouse and Fuel tanks.

1. Starting buildings for all members will be 1 Hanger, 1 Warehouse, and 1 fuel tank.

2. Building storage capacity's (Hanger: 4 airframes of any size) (Warehouse: 500 slots for inventory) (Fuel tank: 99,000 lbs. of fuel, You may have the 2 different types of fuel in one tank)

3. Expanding your storage capacity. To be able to buy more buildings you must first expand your building pads. To do this you will have to pay $12,000,000 to buy the property, have construction build the pads add water and all the other things needed. By buying this upgrade you will be able to build 3 more building of your choice. This upgrade can only be bought 3 times. This will give you 9 more building pads to expand your storage capacity.

4. Building pricing. Hanger = $2,000,000 Warehouse = $2,500,000 Fuel tank = $1,500,000

These rules are to be enforced on all members starting today. All members that are currently overstock have until Dec. 24, 2014, to reach compliance or their stockpile will be sold to the black market at the restocking price of 75% value of the item. I will go through the storage buildings with each member to decide what they are willing to give up until they reach compliance. Also, any member out of compliance will not be allowed to buy any more stock from the Black Market. (This means that if you are out of compliance with any of the 3 items you are not allowed to buy any of the other items.)

5. If you are able to buy a Nimitz class aircraft carrier you will be able to store 65 aircraft, 5,000 weapons slots and 450,000 lbs of fuel on board.

5a If taking off from an airport you are restricted to the inventory on land. If taking off from the aircraft carrier you are restricted to the inventory of the aircraft carrier.

Requirements to be a Mission Commander.

Requirements to be a Mission Commander.

1. Only Pilots with enough equipment/money can grab contracts off the Contract board.
2. Requirements 1 airframe, 10,000lb of fuel, 1 gun load and 2 hard points of the same weapon type
3. Pilots must meet the Hardened Mercenary status, (25 mission's total)
4. Pilots must be 18 years of age.
5. Must be checked out by a senior member, topics must include how to download and properly fill out an AAR with only minor mistakes (CAT_101).

Jr. Mission Commander

1. All rules to be a Mission commander apply to the Jr. M.C.
2. The Jr. Mission Commander can only hire one (1) other pilots to fly with. Unless the Jr. Mission Commander is just commanding from the ground.
3. Jr. Mission Commander cannot command the 2 hr and longer mission's
4. The member must meet the Mercenary status. (10 missions, Basic training and attempted a aircraft steel

Rules for Jr. Mission Commander without an aircraft.

1. This is a special circumstance assignment by CAT_101. In the event that there is a low in Mission commanders to take up non M.C. Qualified pilots in the DCS-mercenaries.
2. When acting as an M.C. You are subject to all the rules of a Merc, with an aircraft. Except not being restricted from using a Black market supplied aircraft. (example: can not collect B.M. only points for cash.)
3. All rules applied to using a black market aircraft apply. Except for paying for damage to the aircraft. And subject to the recovery fees.
4. All Jr. mission commander rules apply. Except rules stated in the “Rules for Jr. Mission Commander without an aircraft.”
5. When flying with another Merc. The is a qualified M.C. The Jr. Mission Commander without an aircraft. Is no longer subject to the rules posted for a “Jr. Mission Commander without an aircraft.”. They are to be considered a normal member without there own aircraft. They are allowed to get B.M. only points.
6. Jr. Mission Commander without an aircraft. Are subject to all AAR infraction rules and penalties.
7. The member must meet the Mercenary status. (10 missions, Basic training and attempted a aircraft steel)

The responsibility of the M.C.

1. M.C. must file an After Action Report within 48 hours in the AAR section of the [Links disabled] forum. If the AAR is not filed in that time the M.C. will be fined $250,000 for failure to report mission status and will have to pay any hired pilots $100,000 regardless of mission status. The AAR must still be filed.
2. M.C. must negotiate pilots pay prior to mission take off, pilots flying a black market supplied airframe do not have to be paid by the MC, they may fly for the point bonus at the MC’s discretion.
3. Mission planning and briefing
4. Report weapon and fuel loads to the host for setting up the mission.
5. The MC is not responsible for the inventory of those flying for them.
6. Any side dealings should be noted in the AAR and posted in the forum along with the AAR.
7. MC is responsible for posting proof (IE: screenshots, .trk file, twitch recording) of mission status. No proof of mission results can lead to a rejection of AAR and a Fine of $100,000

Official mission flight.

Server host.

1. All official missions will be flown on a qualified host sever.
2. Sever host must have a stable connection.
3. Agree to confirm the AAR when posted.
4. Not interfere with the mission after it starts.
5. Know how to edit load outs and fuel to the M.C. Request.
6. The host may be in the TS server channel just in case a pause is required or a restart or to end the mission.

Official mission flight. Types of missions.

1. One contract with one objective. A contract that has a required action or objective to complete for a success.
2. One contract with multiple objectives for a mission success. A contract that has more than one action or objective(s) to complete for a success
3. One mission with multiple contracts. A mission that contains multiple objectives, each having its own contract and set of actions or objectives.

Rules for a mission and with multiple objectives.

1. A mission commander must be present for the mission. But not required to fly in the mission.
2. An official mission may be flown by a single pilot if hired by the M.C. The MC may not fly a mission alone. Unless the mission meets the single player mission rules.
3. If a pilot is KIA or MIA they forfeit their pay to the M.C.
4. If the M.C. is KIA or MIA at mission end, all pilots will be paid the negotiated pay plus the mission value will be split among all remaining pilots, not KIA or MIA.
5. Pilots hired by the M.C. Will be paid regardless of mission success or failure. (See rule 3)
6. If a mission commander is KIA or MIA during a mission that has multiple objectives with a separate contract for each. The surviving members of that contract/AAR will split the M.C. contract pay upon a successful completion of the contract. The contract pay cannot be divided to other members on a different contract in the same mission. (See rule 4)

Ground commander and JTAC roles defined.

1. The ground commander may only control ground units. F10 only cannot enter Vehicles.
2. JTAC is acting FAC from a vehicle only.
3. Have to buy and own the JTAC vehicles to be a JTAC.
4. Must have severe debriefing file posted with the AAR to show kills to go on the roster.

Search and rescue of downed pilots.

1. A pilot that survives an ejection or crash landing will have the opportunity to have a SAR come and pick them up.
2. The SAR helicopter must come within 20 meters of the downed pilot and within 5 meters of the ground for pick up. (This is due to the bad ground grab on land)
3. The downed pilot must take a screenshot of the SAR helicopter and the pilot on the ground meeting rule 2. The SS must be posted in the forum proving the SAR was completed.
4. The SAR helicopter may not offensively engage any targets while caring a passenger. Only after dropping off the downed pilot can the SAR chopper return to the battle area to re-engage targets or mission objectives.
5. Downed pilots may be picked up later after the mission is complete.
6. Pilots not receiving a SAR will get an MIA status and forfeit any chance at a salvage of airframe.
7. A standby SAR pilot called in to rescue a downed pilot will be paid $25,000 by the rescued pilot. The standby SAR helicopter will not have any armament to defined its self with.
8. KA-50 can pick up a max of 2 downed pilots. The KA 50 cannot engage targets while a rescued pilot is on board.
9. UH-1H can pick up 6 downed pilots and is allowed to continue on in battle.
10. Mi-8MTV can pick up 8 pilots and is allowed to continue in the battle.
11. Any aircraft shot down while transporting rescued pilots all pilots and passengers will go KIA. The KA-50 pilot can eject to go MIA or may be rescued.
12. Self SAR is defined as the downed pilot finding a non-combat vehicle and getting screenshot standing next to it.
13. Friendly JTAC or ground units commanded by the ground commander can be moved to the downed pilot’s location for a SAR statues.

Mission creation

This is how mission builders will be paid for creating new content.

Singel player mission creation.

If a mission can be flown and completed by a single individual it will be classified as a Singel player mission. No matter the flight time required or mission difficulty the pay for this type of mission is $500,000

Multi-payer mission creation.

A mission that requires more that one person to complete the objective in one trip. this will exclude the A-10C and Su-25T (bomb truck) as a defining aircraft. Mission type to include one of these CAS, CAP, Strike, Escort, intercept SEAD, and SEAD strike. Escort and CAS will be considered the same outside of the description for multi-role mission creation.

Base pay

Base pay for MP mission creation for one mission role. $1,000,000
Base pay for MP mission creation for two or more mission roles $1,500,000

This section will define adding difficulty to the creation of the mission and what one will be paid for the time it takes to add the content to the mission.


A simple success trigger is a requirement in all missions and will not receive a bonus for it. All triggers must be relevant to the mission objective and not just events that have no meaning. A more complex set of triggers numbering 10-25 will get an extra $100,000.
For 26-50 triggers $250,000
For 51-75 triggers $350,000
For 75-100 triggers $500,000
For 100+ $650,000

Objective/target count that requires more Members/ordinance to complete the mission in one round trip.

3 members bonus $250,000
4 members bonuse$300,000
5-6 members bonus $500,000
Add briefing photos $25,000
basic briefing $0
extensive briefing $50,000 (will cover all radio and tacan channels, detailed briefing, mission requirements for success and anything else relevant to the mission.